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Two years ago when Michelle Obama put in the White House vegetable garden, we here at Flowers& More also initiated our READY, SET, GROW! Program to encourage our clients to try their hand at raising some of their own food. The first year was a modest success but 2011 had much less of a response. Once again make our clients aware that we still provide this service. There are a multitude of reasons for home gardening. Here are our top three:

• YOU KNOW THAT THE FOOD WAS NOT SPRAYED WITH PESTICIDES: Organic markets are great but there really is no certainty of what exactly was put on your food unless you control the process from start to finish.

• THERE WILL BE NO E-COLI SCARE: Who knows what crop will be next from Spinach one year to Strawberries the following year. And don’t forget Salmonella, etc.

• VEGETABLES SOLD IN THE STORES HAVE BEEN DECREASING IN NUTRITIONAL VALUE FOR YEARS: In the Dec/Jan issue of Mother Earth News it was stated that over the past 50 years the “amounts of protein, calcium, phosphorus, iron, riboflavin, and Vitamin C

in conventionally grown fresh fruits and vegetables have

declined significantly.” Take Broccoli for instance which in 1950 had 13mg/g of calcium but today only 4.4mg/g. Evidences of similar dilution in other crops is just as startling. Much of this is caused by high rate of fertilization and irrigation which is used to maximize crop yields but has resulted in nutrient dilution.

SO…if you have an area somewhere in your yard that gets at least six hours of full sun that you would like to dabble with, just let us know. READY, SET, GROW! is a three pronged program with some clients opting for all three phases while others choose only one.

READY: We create a planting bed for you, remove sod and any other existing vegetation and bring in the appropriate amount of organic compost.

SET: We plant the crops you want to grow.

GROW: We maintain these crops for you which can include anything from weeding to harvesting.

The optimum time to get started is March so if this is something you’ve been putting off for years why not 2012? Want a salad bar outside the back door? You Can Grow That!!

Why Not Take Another Look at Vegetable Gardening?